Emergency Radio Communication Team (ERCT)

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Training or Special Events

2021 Makani Pahili COMMEX
SAT June 19, 2021 Start 9:00 am End 11:00 am (Instructions Here)

Scenario: destructive category 4 hurricane affecting all islands; approached from the east and heading up north on the west side impacting all the islands.
Mission: send 3 Winlink messages forms below to KH6FHI.

9:00 am - 10:00 am: Winlink Check-In (Equipment, Power using & GPS)
9:30 am - 10:30 am: Winlink ARC Hawaii Hurricane Daily Shelter Report
10:00 am - 11:00 am: Winlink Check Out (Shutting down your station)

Shelter Sign Up List & PDF(s) for SPOKE (relay by voice) over the radio:

Shelter Sign Up List

June Hamfest Big Island
SAT June 26, 2021 10:00 am Laupahoehoe Point

Jeremy (AH6V) and fellow Hawaii radio amateurs will hold a Hamfest on SAT, 26 June 2021, 10 am (HST) at Laupahoehoe Point. You can use the Hawaii Allstar Repeater (442.550 MHz, PL 110.9) while down there.

BIARC Field Day 2021
SAT June 26, 2021 (more to come)

Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness 2021
SUN September 19, 2021 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

I strongly encourage everyone especially newbies to join in on the fun! It will help you learn what your equipment is capable of and how far out you can reach. Great way to meet your fellow HAM as you never know when you may need their help to relay a message. Find out more by Stan (AH6KO) as he has added more ways to earn points this year.

AllStar Nets using the HMASN Network
SUN 1530 pm (HST) ARRL Newsline

SUN 1600 pm (HST) Hawaii/Mainland AllStar Net

MON 2030 pm (HST) Hilo Stake Net

Big Island Monthly Siren Net 11:30 am 1st working day of Month

East Hawaii Radio Training Net & Laupahoehoe CERT Team
SUN 6:45 pm 146.880- pl 100.0 & 7:00 pm 146.490 Simplex

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th SUN by Mel KH6EKD 6:45 pm 146.880- pl 100.0 & 146.490 Mhz 7:00 pm. Laupahoehoe CERT Net 2nd SUN at 7:00 pm on simplex by John WH6FSI. 4th SUN 7:00 pm 146.880- pl 100.0 by Malury KI6HBZ. All licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to check-in.

Kohala Hamakua Radio Club VHF Simplex Emergency Net
MON 10:30 am 146.400 Mhz Simplex

All OPR are welcome to check-in and give signal reports. Main goal is to eventually relay a message circling the island. Please send Ceri AH6CS your signal report before 12 pm that day so she can add it to her weekly spreadsheet report.

Kaloli Point CERT Team
WED 8:30 am on/ 147.450 Mhz Simplex

The Kaloli Point CERT team serves the community along Beach Road and north to Kaloli Point in cooperation with the PAKA Neighborhood Watch and the Kaloli Point Radio Team. We're a group of volunteer Emergency responders (CERTs, hams, NW patrol) and conduct a Wednesday morning local simplex net on 147.450 Mhz. Community, Emergency Preparedness and Education are our driving motivations.

Puna Emergency Radio Club Simplex Relay Net (PERC)
WED 7:00 pm 146.760- pl 100.0 & 146.520 Mhz

Check-in on 146.760- pl 100.0 then QSY to 146.520 Mhz for roll call. Put out the call when asked by NCS or via relay to see if other OPR want to check in. Contact Bob KB6EGA if you would like to take a turn as NCS, here is the Net Script by (Leigh WH6LC) NCS Log & Roster

Big Island Amatuer Radio Club Tech Net (BIARC)
WED 8:00 pm Kulani 146.760- pl 100.0

Gain knowledge or new skills by participating or practicing different Digital modes. Discuss antennas, proper grounding, protecting your equipment, basically anything related to Ham Radio. Feel free to ask questions or just stop by and listen in.

Orchidland CERT Team
THU 7:00 pm 147.480 Mhz, 146.760- pl 100.0, 442.500+ pl 100.0

Orchidland CERT Team 7:00 pm check-in on 147.490 Mhz then 146.760- pl 100.0 and 442.500+ pl 100.0 for a round of comments. All CERT Teams and amatuer radio operators are welcome to check-in.

Puna Emergency Radio Club 10m SSB CW Class (PERC)
THU 8:00 pm (HST) 10m SSB CW Class 28.380

Bob KB6EGA starts each class by explaining what he will be sending and how long the session will be. It may start off with alphabets, then numbers and last with quotation marks. He will also talk about the do's and dont's of CW. As his students start to get proficient, it will progress to words, sentences and callsigns.

Amateur Radio Emergency Service Message Handling Net
SAT 7:00 pm Kulani Repeater 146.760- pl 100.0

Message Handling & Relay done perodically by Irene NH7PE using ARC, ICS 213, Radiogram, & Skywarn forms. This ICS-213 Message Handling Training PDF is very helpful. She also recommends practicing Reverse Operation with your radio. If you would like to take a turn as NCS, let her know at the start of the Net, here is the Net Script.

Volcano CERT Team
1st SAT of Month 9:00 am 147.260+ pl 103.5, 442.150+ pl 100.0, 146.490

Volcano CERT Team will check-in at 9:00 am on 147.260+ pl 103.5 for radio signal checks and open discussion for two rounds. Then move to 442.150+ pl 100.0 and 146.490 Mhz simplex for radio checks and closing of the net. All amateur radio operators are welcome to check-in.

HSVOAD Activate Mauna Kea Repeater Net
1st SAT of the Month 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 146.720- pl 100.0

All licensed operators are welcome to check-in giving your Callsign, Name and Location. Listen prior to contacting NCS to know what information he needs or requesting to avoid constant repeats which slows down the Net (only 1 hour). It can be difficult for Kevin AH6QO to copy at times so be prepared to relay when he asks for assistance.

Net Reporters
Log nets on 40meter.net

Net Reporters are used to keep track of nets for certain NCS by logging it directly into Kona Bob AH6GT 40meter.net database. Here are the instructions by Joe KH6FHI. You can email a NCS Log Report or use Winlink if you prefer to Darrell KH6RDO dasuka001@gmail.com.

NWS Honolulu SKYWARN Spotter Training 2021
Renew, refresher or get a Spotter # by Matthew Foster

Once you have completed watching the SKYWARN Spotter Training Video you need to email Matt the following information:
Full Name
HAM Number:
Contact Number:
Hours you can be available for a weather report:
Date you trained (today)
New Spotter or Refresher Training