Emergency Radio Communication Team (ERCT)

"Expanding ERC and NET coverage from around the World!"


KHRC VHF Simplex Emergency Net
MON 10:30 am (HST) Simplex 146.400
All OPR are welcome to check-in and give signal reports.
Main goal is to eventually relay a message circling the island.
Please send Ceri AH6CS your signal report before 12pm that day
so she can add it to her weekly spreadsheet report for all of us to see!

DMR Tech Net
TUE 8:00 pm (HST) TG 310745, C4FM 31150 or P25 TG 3115 to Check-in
Be sure to join Blake KH7MS and Larry WH6DYI as they take the time to help
others out there wanting to learn about DMR or topics that you may be interested in.
You can join the Chat Room Larry had setup to send messages. I was able to check in &
hit the Live Stream above. Great way to experience DMR Nets if you dont have a radio yet!

PERC Simplex Relay Net
WED 7:00 pm (HST) PERC Repeater 145.450- pl 100.0 to Check-in
Report your (QTH, radio, watts, and antenna) your using.
Then QSY to 146.520 National Simplex Calling Frequency and wait for role call.
If you can't hear net control, wait till you hear the 1st person who relays a call to check-in
Do not pass any messages unless asked by net control or by relay to avoid stepping on others.
Be prepared to put out a relay call when asked to see if any other OPR wanting to check in.
QSY back over to the PERC Repeater for signal reports, questions, comments, etc.
This is one of the best ways to start building an Emergency Simplex Contact List!

BIARC Tech Net
WED 8:00 pm (HST) Kulani Repeater 146.760- pl 100.0 to Check-in
Tune in and learn new skills by participating and practicing how to use different Digital Modes,
talk about Antennas or just about anything Ham Radio. Feel free to ask tech questions with any of
these experts or just stop by to listen in. If you want to learn something new, BIARC Tech Net is for you!

Orchidland CERT Net
THU 7:00 pm (HST) Simplex 147.480 to Check-in by Orchidland CERT Team
Test your equipment, help relay messages and give signal reports from your QTH or different locations.

PERC 10m SSB CW Class
THU 8:00 pm (HST) 10m SSB CW Class on 28.380 by Bob KB6EGA
Bob will explain prior to the start of each class what he will be sending and how long the session will be.
It may start off with alphabets, then numbers and last with quotation marks. He will also talk about the do's
and dont's of CW. As his students start to get proficient, it will progress to words, sentences and callsigns.

ARES Message Handling and Relay Net
SAT 7:00 pm (HST) Kulani Repeater 146.760- pl 100.0 to Check-in
Message Handling & Relay, done periodically using ICS 213 Form,
ARRL Radiogram, ACS & Skywarn, net by Irene NH7PE.
She also recommends practicing Reverse Operation with your radio.

FLDigi Net
4th THU of the Month 8:00 pm (HST) 146.840- pl 100.0 (K1ENT IRLP Repeater) to Check or Listen in
Join us on the 4th Thursday on each month for fldigi/flmsg practice on the IRLP Linked Repeaters:
Honolulu 443.4250 PL 107.2 / Windward. 444.3750 PL114.8 / North Shore 443.400 PL 114.8 or other locations.
Any IRLP Node can connect to this net on REF9254. If you know of an IRLP node you can reach, ask the owner
k1ent@arrl.net if it is OK to connect. If you are not ready/able to transmit reliably, you are welcome to participate in
listen only mode. Participate regularly to ensure that your setup is ready to go and learn something new each time.

HSVOAD Activate Mauna Kea Repeater Net
1st SAT of the Month 12:00 pm (HST) HSVOAD Net 146.720- pl 100.0 to Check-in
Report (QTH, type of radio, watts, antenna) your using.
The HSVOAD Repeater is activated only once a Month for testing purposes.