Emergency Radio Communication Team (ERCT)

"Expanding ERC and NET coverage from around the World!"

This site was created in loving memory of my Father, Ken NH6TU and to Honor him as he enjoyed radios with a passion. I can now see why while listening in on so many great Ham Radio Operators from all around the World.

ERCT main goal is to help provide radio coverage, information and training for licensed HAMS in the Pahoa Community by hosting an AllStar Repeater and Simplex Node. Works well even with a cheap baofeng radio!

You can currently key up in to WH6DVI VHF Repeater 147.000+ pl 110.9 where you will be able to QSO other Amateur Radio Operators on the Hawaiian Islands, Mainland and other Countries. KH7LM Simplex Node 147.420 pl 100.0 (activated when there is a need in an Emergency).

Your more than welcome to join us by finding the closest repeater or simplex node near you:

  • Sunday ARRL News 1530 (HST) followed by Hawaii/Mainland AllStar Net 1600 (HST) or 0200 (UTC).
  • Monday Hilo Stake Net 2030 (HST) or 0630 (UTC).
  • For those not liscensed yet, you can listen to the Nets above by clicking here

A (BIG MAHALO) goes out to Dave AH6OD, Jim NH6HI, Jesse WH6AV, Wayne KH6IN and to all the sysops who have made this possible by allowing use of their AllStar Link Networks.

73 and much Aloha,

KH7LM (learn more about me and my Father on QRZ.com).