Emergency Radio Communication Team (ERCT)

"Expanding ERC and NET coverage from around the World!"


Emergency Agencies & Training
Hawaii ARES
Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency
Red Cross
Salvation Army

*Highly recommended courses ICS-100, ICS-200, IS-700, IS-800, EC-001/EC-016/PR-101, ARES, CERT, and Skywarn Weather Spotter Training.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
CNN Coronavirus Global Spread
Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction
Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency
Hawaii News Now
KHON2 News
State of Hawaii, Department of Health

ARRL Pacific Division Director
Jim Teimstra (K6JAT)
Section Manager, Pacific
Joe Speroni (AH0A)
Section Emergency Coordinators
Clem Jung (KH7HO) & Joe Tabrah (KH6FHI)
Assistant Section Manager
Bob Schneider (AH6J) & William Polhemus (NH6ET)
District Emergency Coordinators
North - Jim Sugg (AH6AE)
East - Darrell Asuka (KH6RDO)
West - Dewey Proietti (NH6M)

Skywarn HAM Radio & VOAD Coordinator
Kevin Bogan (AH6QO)

2019 Hawaii ARRL SET and Event Results
Puerto Rico Devastation September 20, 2017
(an eye opener of what could come)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Digital Networks

For those interested in digital networks, Oliver (K6OLI) the ARRL LAX DEC has taken time to make video presentations for Hawaii HAMS and all have been recorded and turned into YouTube videos. Here is a list of YouTube videos produced to promote digital technologies. (Mahalo Joe Speroni for the share)

Subject & Video LinksSpeaker
LAX Winlink OverviewK6OLI
Running a Digital Net #1K6OLI
Running a Digital Net #2K6OLI
Running a Digital Net #3K6OLI
Seattle Winlink OverviewNS7C
HNL Workshop #1 2-2019WH6NC
Hawaii Winlink Status 2019KH6FHI

Downloadable Forms, Software & Winlink Telnet Tut
ARRL Radiogram
ICS Forms
WinLink Digital Frequencies Map
Winlink Express Software
WinLink Express Step by Step Guide using Telnet
ACS Custom WinLink Form Templates V1.5 by (Larry WH6DYI)

ARC Fillable/Printable (All in One) PDF
(Message Handling & Relay Forms - for Field OPR / SPOKE - Exercise Drills)
2020 ARC Makani Hurricane Exercise Info & Results
ARC 213 General Message
ARC Daily Shelter Report

HCCDA ACS Fillable/Printable (All in One) PDF
(Message Handling & Relay Forms - for Field OPR / SPOKE - Exercise Drills)
Zipped ACS Forms by (Darrell KH6RDO)

NCS Log Report Fillable/Printable (All in One) PDF
(For Net Control Station or Net Reporters)
NCS Net Log by (Darrell KH6RDO)

Skywarn Fillable/Printable (All in One) PDF WIP
(Message Handling & Relay Forms - for Field OPR / SPOKE - Exercise Drills)
Skywarn SET 2019 Examples
Hurricane Report
Severe WX Report
ICS 309 (COMM Log Hawaii ARES/RACES)

Earthquake & Tsunami
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
Volcano Monitoring Data at Kilauea

Kilauea Volcano
2018 Lava Event
Current Air Quality
Observatory Weekly Updates

Hawaii Lightning Map
National Weather Service
NOAA Weather Map
Satellite Map for Hawaii
Weather Underground