Quick Health and Welfare or Information Message

Form Use and Guide.

This is a way one form template to allow simple status of an individual or family to be sent to E-mail address(s). This does not suplant the Red Cross Safe and Well process, it is a simple delivery to email(s) that are outside the affected area. Many also get emails on their respective Smartphones.

Can be used for emergencies/disasters or even special events to demo Ham Radio and Winlink. There is no anticipated reply and the party(s) you are sending for needs to be informed of this. The message is formatted as plain text in the body of the sent email and easy to read by the recipient(s)

Why No Reply?

It will be too distracting to attempt to process replies and then figure how to deliver them. You also may not be the the person sending all the time with your Winlink Base call-sign. Replies would garner the need for responses back, thus the information chain and effort to maintain become difficult and time consuming.

Form Information.

- BE SURE TO INFORM THE PARTY THIS IS ONE WAY WITH NO GUARANTEE OF DELIVERY Why? You are sending to an email address that has to be received and READ by the intended party(s).

- From Name: This needs to be the persons full name that you are sending for. Example; John S. Borman OR John Borman and Cinthia Faux OR The John Borman Faimily

- To Email(s): Suggest more than one email to try to ensure several friends or family obtain, seperate by a semicolon; You can modify or change prior to posting. Verify with the party prior to posting and sending!

- Incident/Event location or Region/Area Name: be descriptive as to your location, the disaster name, anything that will ensure the recipients know where you are sending from.

- Message: This is a brief message from the person and is limited to 500 characters. This keeps message short and brief.

Example; Me and the family are fine at a Red Cross shelter at the Berkins High school in Parkinsville. Will contact again when we can. Please inform all.

Example; This ham operator is showing how radio email works while we visit the Cumber Gap air show in town. Having fun!

- The sent email is in plain text and informs the recipients(s) this is a ONE WAY message and DO NOT REPLY. Again be sure your party knows this and again suggest several emails.

Verify and let them see the email address (s), as wrong emails obviously prevent delivery. If you get a bounced email and the party is nearby, then of course inform them of such, but do not hunt them down, especially if you are alone.

You the operator can of course determine how you wish to operate and how much service you wish to give. Just be aware of time limits and what the next shift if any, may not be able to do. Keeping on focus and keeping the operation simple is always best.

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                          Quick Health & Welfare - Status or Information Message          Vers 16    

This form is used to send information or a status report to family members or friends via Winlink E-Mail.

Suggest more than one E-Mail address to increase the chances that someone will get this message.
>>  NO REPLY is expected, nor can be processd. The requester needs to be informed this is a ONE WAY outbound message.. <<

Operator Info - Read Please

  From Name     Date / Time (Local)         
  To Email (s)    

  Incident / Event Location or Region / Area Name

                        The message is formatted as plain text in the body of the sent email, and easy to read by the recipient (s).